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8 Reasons Small Town Living is Better

Los Angeles. New York. Portland.
These cities are packed with museums, concert halls, and enough
restaurants to eat somewhere new every night. What they lack, though,
is that small town feel. That feeling of knowing your neighbors,
and being able to catch up with friends in the grocery store.
Here are 8 other reasons why small town living is more than it’s cracked up to be. 

No Traffic


Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Forget leaving an hour before work to beat rush hour.
In small towns, it’ll only take you longer to get to work
because you live on a farm ten miles outside of town.
Otherwise, there’s no need to lay on your horn.
And chances are, your biggest obstacle will be a tractor holding up traffic.

Everybody Knows Everybody

Both a blessing and a curse. You may not be able to make a
quick run to a grocery store because you’ll know just about
everyone you pass, and just about everyone will ask
about school, your job, and if you’ve heard the latest town gossip.

Unique Traditions

Photo by Scott Madore on Unsplash

More than just 4th of July parades, there are riding lawn mower races,
cookoffs, and festivals for everything from lilacs to shrimp.
Everyone participates, and it’s something to look forward to all year long.

You’re Friends With Your Neighbors

Stand out on your front porch, wave to your neighbors, and call them over.
Not only is the pace of life slow enough to take time and engage with the
folks next store, chances are you’ve probably lived next to the same people
for twenty years.

Community Involvement

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash

 Everyone comes together for their community in small towns,
because the community is the most integral part to a small town.
Volunteering with the local church, humane society, or food drive is
common, and just another way to connect with others in the community.

You Can Make a Difference

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

Run for mayor, vote on your local ballot, sit on the school board.
In a small town, your voice is actually heard, and you have
the opportunity to make a real difference in your community.
Speak out against measures that hurt your livelihood, and vote
for things that are beneficial to the entire community, like that
rec center they’ve debated for years.

Lower Cost of Living

In small towns across America, you can save some of your paycheck
for travel and enjoyment instead of half of it going towards rent.
Groceries are cheaper, especially if you know the farmers in your
community, and even if you don’t, you have enough space to start
your own garden. 

Once you’ve had your fill of kitschy restaurants, small town America
might be calling your name. And with so many benefits, you might be
packing those boxes sooner rather than later.


6 Ways Rafting Makes Life Better

It’s the sound of an air pump in the morning, and ice falling into the cooler.
It’s tossing life jackets in the bed of the truck, and grabbing a six pack of your favorite lager.
Life on the river is just better. From the adrenaline to watching your best friend scream as the
boat bucks over rapids. Does rafting make life better? We think so.

Helps You Face Your Fears

Photo by Cynthia Andres on Unsplash

Nothing keeps you scared like barreling towards class three rapids
(or class two, if you’re that person). The white water is churning,
you’re paddling with vigor, your adrenaline peaks. Paddle, paddle, paddle, hard!
And then you’re through, and being alive feels like it’s own victory.

Builds Stronger Relationships

By making adrenaline-laced memories, you build a stronger and closer bond
to the people you’re with. That means more conversations at Christmas that
start with, “Remember the time Aunt Caron shoved Bill out of the boat!”
We all love those stories.

Reduces Stress

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Increased adrenaline and reduced stress go hand in hand.
The more exhilarated you feel, the less time you have to worry about bills,
car payments, and getting Johnny to practice on time.
Plus being surrounded by nature is proven to increase happiness levels.

It’s a Workout

While you’re intention may be to have a relaxing day on the river,
paddling into a rapid takes upper body stamina to the next level.
Digging a paddle into the current works on the deltoids, triceps, and biceps,
so you can survive the rapids and look good for that hot date Friday night.

Spend Time Outside

Photo by Lenka Žigon on Unsplash

Breathing the fresh air, getting a chance encounter with wildlife,
soaking in some vitamin D: these are all parts of the rafting experience.
And being on the river only amplifies it. We can all agree it’s more fun to
be outside than sitting in an office.

It’s Fun

Squirt gun battles, paddle wars, and newfound camaraderie are
what make the river the best place to spend your weekend.

If you haven’t gone rafting before, now’s the time.
For the leisurely float (minus the rapids) bring along your CreekKooler
to make space in the boat for more friends and more fun.